Zikoko walks into the empty Chicken Republic outlet.

Chicken Republic Chicken: Welcome to my not-so-humble home!


Thank you?

Zikoko sits and pulls out a notepad and voice recorder.

Zikoko:  You said you want to tell your story?

Chicken Republic Chicken takes Zikoko’s hands in his.


Chicken Republic Chicken: Thank you for gracing us with your presence. I told people you were coming to speak to me and they called me a liar. Shame to all my haters!

Chicken Republic Chicken turns to his videographer.

CRC: Did you get that?

Zikoko: What’s happening?

CRC: I’m making a documentary, “The life and times of Chicken Republic Chicken: The sustainer of the average Nigerian.” It slaps, abi?

Zikoko: I guess.


You guess? Look, it doesn’t get any better than Christopher Romanus Chicken.

Zikoko: That’s your name?

CRC: Not really, but it sounds nice.

Zikoko: Ear dey pain you?


Zikoko: My apologies.

CRC: Did my haters send you?

Zikoko: You have haters?

CRC: Shocking, right? How could anyone hate a delectable meal like me? Versatile, multitalented, award-winning … It’s jealousy. They’re jealous of me and my success. They want to be like me and taste like me, but I’m one of a kind.

Zikoko: You believe in yourself o.


Are you one of my haters?

Zikoko: No! It’s just nice to see self-love.

CRC: Better.

Zikoko: So who are these haters?

CRC:You want me to give them free clout at my interview? Never.

Zikoko: (under their breath) But you just finished talking-

CRC: I know what they can do with their hate though. They can shove it up their –

Zikoko: Okay! Talk to your fans now. Tell us how you started.

CRC: Divine inspiration. I had a vision where I was a king, and all these other fraudulent proteins were bowing to me. Next thing, I started Chicken republic. How many other proteins have their own state? 

Zikoko opens its mouth to speak.

CRC: Exactly. I’ve always known I was destined for great things, big things.

Zikoko: So you just manifested this?

CRC: Manifestation, delegation, natural talent, grace and one word. 

Zikoko leans forward.

Zikoko: What word?

CRC: “Nice. “

Zikoko: Yeah?

CRC: “Nice.”

Zikoko: Like, “Gongo Aso” 9ice?

CRC: Zikoko, don’t upset me.  It’s “nice”.

Zikoko: You like getting upset?

CRC: The word is “Nice” as in “Nice nice”. How are you doing your job like this?

Zikoko: Sorry. It’s the aroma from the kitchen.

CRC: That’s why you want to frustrate me?

Zikoko: It smells really nice o. 

Zikoko takes a deep breath.

Zikoko: Is that jollof and spicy fried-

Zikoko gets up, sniffing their way into the kitchen.

CRC: Zikoko! Zikoko you can’t go in there!! What type of interview is this?



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