I’ll be first to admit I underestimated just how many Kims exist in the K-pop world. Not to be mistaken for relatives of Kim Jong-un, the supreme leader of North Korea, here are all the Kims any true K-stan knows and loves.

Kim Yujin

If you’re a big fan of fantasy movies and saw the American TV show, Lost, growing up, then you’ve seen this actress before. She’s most popular for her role in Money Heist though.

Kim Bum

Probably one of the most underrated South Korean actors, he’s also a singer, dancer and model. You may know him from Boys Over Flower, Tale of the Nine-Tailed, Ghost Doctor or 18 Again.

Kim Taeri 

Our baby-faced fave is the actress who had a breakout role in the award-winning movie, The Handmaiden, and the heart-breaking 2022 high school drama, Twenty-five Twenty-one.

Kim Go Eun

The queen of tears. Are you even a K-drama fan if you don’t know Go Eun from Cheese in the Trap, Goblin, and, more recently, Little Women?

Kim Seokjin

He’s the oldest member and lead vocalist of BTS, currently serving in the South Korean army.

Kim Jongin

Probably one of the best dancers in K-pop, EXO-Ls will never forget him in his iconic red suit from that Love Shot fam cam. The rapper and model is a member of the 3rd-gen group, EXO.

Kim Jisoo

She’s the lead vocalist of the global girl group, BLACKPINK, who made her debut as an actress in the romantic K-drama, Snowdrop. She’s also the group’s “visual”; BLINKs call her “Miss Korea” for perfectly meeting the Korean beauty standard.

Kim Namjoon 

If you don’t know who this is, we should actually fight you. Popularly known as RM (Rap Monster), Namjoon is the leader and main rapper of BTS.

Kim Min Kyu

Everyone’s current fave, the South Korean actor, went viral for his role as the second male lead in Business Proposal. Rumour has it that he was a former trainee set to debut with SEVENTEEN, but we still get to see his idol side in his new drama, The Heavenly Idol. 

Kim Jennie

The other piece of the BLACKPINK Kim duo, Jennie is the main rapper of the global girl group. But like most K-pop idols, her acting career is brewing as she’s set to star in The Weeknd’s drama series, The Idol.

Kim Doyoung

The main vocalist of NCT 127 who sang the OSTs for popular dramas like Soundtrack#1, Tale of Nokdu, Yumi’s Cells and School 2017. He also starred as the lead in To X Who Doesn’t Love Me

Kim Taehyung

Popularly known as V, Kim Taehyung is a member of BTS. With his unique baritone voice and pretty face, he’s managed to steal all our hearts. He also starred in the popular K-drama, Hwarang.

Kim Mingyu

One of the good K-pop rappers, he’s also a model (best in taking boyfriend pictures) and can cook pretty well. This SEVENTEEN member is multitalented.

Kim Chaewon

She’s the leader of the viral 4th-gen girl group, LE SSERAFIM, but OG K-pop stans know her from her days in IZ*ONE and the talent survival show, Produce 48.

Kim Seungmin 

You know him as the lead vocalist of the boy group, Stray Kids, but Stays know he’s secretly the lead rapper. You’ve probably seen him in some of your favourite K-dramas too. 


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