Don’t wear white

The only way to prevent people from staining your white in this city is not to wear white at all in the first place, and we mean that both literally and figuratively. 

Or dress like a ghost

Better yet, you can dress like a ghost if you must wear white. Nigerians are scared of them, and you’ll use that to get everyone to avoid you. Problem solved.

Always be on guard

Don’t go around thinking nobody will soil your clothes. There are 20 million people in Lagos, so from the moment you step out of your house, you have to remind everybody your head use to touch occasionally.

Don’t use public transportation

You can’t tell who’s who just by looking at their faces, so the next best thing to do is to make sure you’re not even seeing many people in the first place. One way to do that is to not take public transportation if you can afford to. If you can’t, and you still want to stay fresh and fine, the next point is for you.

Don’t live in Lagos

Your odds are still a lot better if you don’t live in Lagos sha, because that’s where all the madness is. Nobody will stain your white if you just go to a place that’s less rowdy and has fewer people. But the question is, will you listen?

Or just stay in your house

We’ll repeat it just so you get it. Stay in your house. Nobody can come and disturb you there.

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