Valentine’s Day will come and go. But you can have an anti-Valentine’s Day, and have a better time than all the lovey-doves out there, with these tips.

Swear off love songs

No space for love songs here. Start by sticking to Omah Lay and Passenger to set the tone.

All-black everything

Be the black sheep of the season while everyone obsesses over red and white. We’re talking all-black everything from your head to your toes. It’s not your concern who thinks you look dangerous; you’re a threat to love.

Behold, our Valentine Special

We brought back three couples we interviewed in 2019 to share how their relationships have evolved in the last five years. This is the first episode:

Embrace the single life

No better time to ride harder for singledom than on Valentine’s Day. Opt to work from home and spend the whole day indoors with yourself.

Birds of the same feather

Hit up your fellow Valentine’s Day haters. Miserable loves company, trust me.

Throw a singles-only party

Then all of you should throw the liveliest party to rival whatever the relationship people have going on with their ₦350k flowers.

Stay off the internet

Disconnect for a day so nobody can oppress you. 

Go on a solo trip

Channel your inner Pelumi Nubi and create your own adventure.

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