They threw everyone a soft party

You don’t even need so much noise to be happy. You just need a cool party with a nice ambience where everyone can relax and truly forget their problems for a while. 

Look at the ambience

It’s totally giving “joy” and we’ll understand if you feel bad for not attending the event.

And they invited everyone

If you weren’t there, you truly missed. But Leadway invited everyone on the internet and people showed up for a good time.

They even had games available

You just know they’re experts at taking a breather. Parties are fun, but games make them even more fun. This party had many different games from Jenga to Table soccer and even FIFA.

There was plenty food and drinks

A good party is incomplete without food. And because food is the way to many people’s hearts, Leadway made sure to deliver. 

They hosted a karaoke session

It doesn’t matter if your friends have the worst voices. Watching them fumble as they try to sing Ed Sheeran’s songs or lip sync to Asake’s lyrics would definitely make you laugh your eyes out.

There was music too

If you couldn’t sing or were too shy to risk embarrassing yourself, Leadway had you covered with a DJ that played soft music for you to jam to.

They also shared party packs

People need something to remind them that at your party, they were happy. And this is exactly what Leadway did. Nothing makes you feel happy as a kid like receiving party packs after a fun day with friends. This party just goes to show how committed Leadway has been to people’s happiness over the past few decades, and we really love to see it.

Leadway is Nigeria’s largest non-banking financial institution that offers services to businesses and individuals. Their services include Insurance, Pension, Wills & Trusts services, Health Insurance and Asset Management.


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