Laolu Senbanjo is an artist, singer and self-taught guitarist based in the United States.

Born in Ilorin, Kwara state, he is a graduate of the Nigerian Law School and a human rights lawyer.

After several years of investing his time and money creating art and music, he became a full-time artist.

Though it has not been easy or rewarding monetarily, he says it’s his destiny or Ayanmo in the Yoruba language.

He draws a lot of inspiration from his Yoruba heritage and it can be heard in his music.

He enjoys the spontaneity and pleasure that comes with making music.

And seen in his art called ‘Afromysterics’.

Laolu describes this as “the mystery of the African thought pattern“. He believes that traditional indigenous spiritual practices help guide us through different phases of our lives. He sees his art as a way to share and express experiences.   

Laolu sees everywhere as his canvas. From shoes…

To jackets…

To human bodies.

He’s a passionate activist and most of his works have social justice ideologies woven throughout.

Feminism, women and children are often present and common themes in my work.

He’s also had exhibitions all over the world.

The countries include Nigeria, Germany, France, and South Africa.

And he has a huge following of people that love his artwork.

Now, Laolu is collaborating with Nike, the manufacturers of the popular sports apparel and footwear of the same name.

Hired by Nike as the ‘Master of Air’, he’ll be creating Air Max-inspired art at the Air Max Convention in New York City.

According to Nike, “Laolu draws inspiration from his Yoruba heritage and global travels. At Air Max Con, he’ll be creating art, incorporating his love for Air Max, New York City, and sports.”

We say a very heartfelt congratulations to him!


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