There’s a world of food beyond our country’s borders that Nigerians need to explore, and an unexpected place to start is with Gambian food.

Like most of West Africa, they eat a lot of rice, usually made with many spicy sauces and stews. Their cuisine is actually quite similar to Nigeria’s, so trust when I say you’ll enjoy it!

1. Domoda

One of the most popular Gambian dishes, Domoda is a groundnut stew which usually includes vegetables and meat. It is so delicious with rice!

2. Benachin

Benachin is basically Gambian Jollof rice. Just look at it! We die here. We’ve been arguing with Ghanaians for decades about who has the best Jollof rice, what we didn’t know is that Gambians could give us both a run for our money.

3. Superkanja

The easiest way to explain Superkanja to a Nigerian is by saying it’s Gambia’s version of the Nigerian okra soup. The thing sweet die! For real, you have to try this. While we would usually eat this with something like eba,  Gambians say we should try it with rice.

4. Yassa

Yassa is a popular and fantastic Senegalese and Gambian spicy dish. It’s made out of either chicken or fish and cooked with chilies, lime, onions, mustard and many other spices.

5. Mbahal

Mbahal is like the Nigerian beans and rice dish that left the country as a child and is now full grown. It’s cooked with smoked fish, groundnuts, locust beans, black-eyed beans, white rice and so many more yummy ingredients.

6. Ebbeh

Ebbeh is a chunky and delicious soupy dish made with vegetables, seafood, and cubes of cassava.

7. Nyambeh Nyebbeh

Nyambeh nyebbeh is a mix of cassava, soup stock, fish and spices. This reminds me of the Nigerian yam pottage. It is quite delicious.

8. Plasas

This is a delicious vegetable soup cooked using spinach, so it is very similar to ‘efo riro’. It pairs very well with most other foods.

Have you ever been to the Gambia or are you Gambian? What Gambian foods do you like, and what would you recommend for Nigerians?


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