Preparing for the IELTS exam should count as part of the risk factors for hypertension in Nigeria. People are actively trying to leave the country but the English test seems to be a major obstacle in their path.

We present some of the super real moments for people who have had to take this exam:

1) My face the first time I saw the cost of the exam:

I can’t afford to fail.

ielts nigeria Zikoko

2) Me to my bladder on exam day:

Don’t embarrass us, please. We don’t have enough time.

begging ielts zikoko

3) Anytime I miss a word in the listening test:

Johnny, stop talking so fast. Slow down ffs.

Mr Krabs Confused Zikoko

4) After watching twelve E2 videos in one day:

My data!

Robert baratheon ielts zikoko

5) How I felt on the day of the speaking test:

boy talking into a microphone Zikoko ielts

6) Looking at the time during the writing task:

“Why are you running? Why are you running?”

7) My heart on results day:

God no go shame us.

get out Zikoko ielts

8) Trying to choose between MOD/B.C:

issa rae ielts Zikoko

9) When I mispronounce a word during speaking:

Am I ready for abroad like this?

10) My expression when I see some essay topics:

11) Why are writing letters, please?


I am writing this letter to tell you not to stress me.

Yours faithfully,

12) “Write a letter thanking your friend for the beans they gave you on your last visit”:

tyler the creator confused ieltszikoko

13) Arranging the night before the exam:

Double-check my passport and writing materials for the hundredth time.

14) The way I prayed against my village people on the exam day:

praying ielts zikoko

15) Greeting everyone at the exam venue:

I don’t know if I will get extra 0.5 for respect, please.

16) When I hear many people don’t pass well with B.C:

17) Me to myself when I am on social media instead of studying:

18) “Do you agree/disagree, to what extent do you agree/disagree, discuss both views”:

19) When you see your boss at the exam venue:

You too?

20) “Discuss both views and give your opinion”:

I don’t have an opinion, please. Just let me come to your country and live opinion-free.

21) “You now have one minute to write down your points to be discussed in section two of the speaking test”:


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