Trigger warning: Rape and Gender-based violence.

On July 8, 2023, Funferekenye “Bodiowei” Koroye was called out on social media for years of abusive behaviour against his ex-partners. The allegations include emotional manipulation, stalking and rape.

What do we know about Funfere?

According to his website, Funfere is an industrial product designer. He previously worked at Daywater Care School, Antler Global, African for African Sports (AFA Sports) and Tecno Mobile.

Funfere is currently an ambassador for The Balvenie Distillery in Nigeria, and he  runs a company called Studio Koroye. He is also a recipient of TechNation’s talent visa grant.

His last tweet on 7, July 2023 a day before he was called out.

He’s also active on Instagram — where he allegedly makes frequent sexist comments.

When did the allegations start?

On July 1, 2023, Ozzy Etomi tweeted about needing help for a woman who was being stalked and harassed by her ex. 

A few days later, on July 8th, Ozzy made a follow-up thread that went viral. It details the events at an art opening Rele Gallery, where Funfere Koroye publicly attacked his ex, in the presence of multiple witnesses.  

Turns out the first tweet about needing help for a victim of harassment was for the lady Funfere attacked at the art gallery, and she attached further proof of his violence.  

It was also alleged that Funfere stalked his ex-partner for two days before eventually assaulting her at the gallery. 

Other information has come to light in the hours following this revelation. Some of the key allegations against Funfere include:

  • He’s a known abuser.
  • His abuse allegedly dates back to 2018.
  • He couldn’t handle rejection
  • He’s also been accused of rape.

Other accounts, including a different victim, have also come out to share proof of his pattern of abuse.




Any word from the authorities?

At the time of publication, there’s no sign that Funfere has been invited for questioning by relevant authorities. However, the Lagos Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Agency (DSVA) Lagos DSVA have responded and are on top of the situation.


Funfere is yet to respond to the allegations, but on the 23rd of July 2023, he posted the image below on his Instagram page, captioned “Thank You For Everything.”

In a now-deleted response to a comment, he revealed that he has lost a brand ambassadorship deal and his business incubator spot.


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