Fuel scarcity and exchange rate aside, City Boy is the rave of the moment and everybody wants to be him.

We know it’s impossible to match the work rate of the interior designers in Aso Rock, but what’s that thing they say about trial and error? Exactly, let’s go.


Forget the national portrait. Hang this on the wall in your living room and everyone will know where you belong.


Design Your Home Like Jagaban, We’ll Show You How

Tis’ the era of the corn, the only potpourri that should be in your house is one of corn seeds. You can add essential oils for that extra scent.

Buy a pair of Jigi Bola

Design Your Home Like Jagaban, We’ll Show You How

We won’t tell you where to put this. Just make sure you have it somewhere in your house because how else will you see shege in 3D?

Paint everywhere blue

Blue seems to be your new president’s favourite colour. Paint your entire house blue, it might get sad from time to time, but you’ll be fine. Don’t ask how I know.

Portrait of the first lady

Design Your Home Like Jagaban, We’ll Show You How

We know Bobo Chicago probably has it in his Aso Rock room. This portrait will reignite your love if you’re married and inspire you to find the LOYL if you’re single.

Portrait of the Iyaloja aka first daughter

You need her brand of audacity to survive the current administration. Hang this at the entrance of your home.

Cutlass and hoe

Source: InfoGuide

Farming is going to make a major comeback in this administration. Use it to represent and motivate your people at home.


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