We’re throwing the biggest meat festival in Lagos, and there’s a big chance you’ll win a living, bleating ram if you attend and enter the raffle draw.

Instead of leaving the movement logistics to you, we’ve come up with some ways to help you take Ramsey the Ram home to the family.

Carry it on your neck

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If you know how much rams cost in this economy, you’d put your ram on your neck like it’s an icy neckpiece and flaunt that ram for the whole world to see.

Put it in an envelope

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In life, you have options, and when you win the ram at Burning Ram, you get the option to either leave with the actual ram or the money equivalent, 

Walk it home

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But if you don’t want that, think of it as good exercise for yourself and your new ram. You might have to grab it by the horn and drag it though, anything to get your prized ram home.

How do you want to get the prized ram if you don’t get your Burning Ram tickets?!

Click here to get your tickets.

Put it in the front seat of your car

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Or the back seat or trunk. We suggest you weigh the safest option and stuff your brand new ram there.

Get a truck

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Rent a pick-up truck for the day and bring it to Burning Ram with you. So when you win Ramsey, all you’ll have to do is load it in there and head on home.

Ghana must go

Image credit – oyibosonline

If you want to sneak your ram into your home, a Ghana must go is the way to go. Put your ram in the bag and drag it all the way. You might have to shout anytime it bleats, but no one would witness Ramsey’s entrance.

Beg the ram

Image credit – memes.zikoko

Ram’s can be tough and stubborn, so before you even think about leaving the venue. Go on your knees and beg it to behave itself as you embark on your journey.

Rent a keke

Image credit – dailytrust

Think about it, there’s more space for your new ram baby to be comfortable. Tie your ram in the back seat and take the wheel.


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