After mechanics and tailors, dispatch riders come a close second. I have put up with their bad behaviour for too long. Enough is enough and that’s why I have brought this to the court of public opinion.

Dispatch riders, please change your ways.

1) “I am at your gate.”

Call me before coming. Don’t show up unannounced.

2) “Should I keep the change?”

At least let me offer first.

3) Incognito mode.

Why aren’t you picking my calls? I just want to update you about a new development.

4) “Anything for me?”

Please. We are all hustling.


5) Shout over the phone.

I know you are Indaboski, but slow down.

6) Ask you to wait at the junction.


Gombe state 100 computers

7) “I am on my way.”

1 year later: Still waiting.

8) Stop giving vendors high blood pressure.

Change your ways and stop stressing them.


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