Welcome to a new dispensation. 

It’s been two weeks since Tinubu hit the ground running. With all the surprise policies, appointments, and dismissals of government officials and general uncertainty of the future he’s brought with him, there’s no better time to focus on yourself and the business that pays you than now.  So if you want to dip your leg into another person’s business, remember who your president is and place focus on this list instead.

The price of fuel

Everyone might have found a way to work around the outrageous price of fuel, but it’s still a problem. So the next time you hear your neighbours arguing and you want to find out what’s happening, think instead of all the things you can exchange for a little fuel in your gen and car.Paying ₦80,000 for a full tank of fuel every few days might just send you back to your father’s house.

Your KPIs

It’s easy to get lost in all the things happening on the internet, and shouting “Who? Who?” up and down, but at some point you have to take a step back, and ask yourself, “Don’t I have KPIs?” If you don’t focus on your KPIs and your job, they might fire you, and now you won’t have money to buy data to shout “Who?” on the internet.

Your love life

Think of your partner and how your relationship can be better. If you’re not in a relationship ask for small space in another person’s. Anything is better than you pulling up a chair and sitting in things that don’t concern you.

Your actual business

Multiple streams of income are the only way to get by in these times. So, you should probably start a new business, and leave other people’s businesses alone. Unless, of course, your new business needs you to be in other people’s business, then by all means, carry on.

Your bank account

Take a long hard look at the money in your bank account. n this new agbado era of surprise policies and whatnots, there’s a very big chance whatever’s in there won’t be enough, and that should be your main concern.


There’s no better time for self-reflection than when you feel the need to find out what someone else is up to. Take a step back, think about your time on Earth, maybe do a little yoga.

Your water intake

If you drink plenty of water, you’ll be too busy peeing to be thinking of what another person is doing with their time and energy.



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