Have you seen Elsa Majimbo’s glow lately? The melanin is popping, her Kenyan meets American accent has fans in a chokehold, and our girl be out here narrating her life like a telenovela, all while slathering on shea butter like it’s going out of style. She’s showing us how to give our skin some much-needed TLC.

If you’re still conflicted about how to give your melanin skin the glow it deserves, you should take notes.

Show some skin

An Elsa Majimbo Guide to Glowing for Dark Skinned People

Even though you’re doing it for you, people of the world have to witness the result of all the hard work you put into looking this good. Spaghetti tops, off-shoulder cuts, crop tops and mini skirts should be your go-to fits.

Use shea butter

An Elsa Majimbo Guide to Glowing for Dark Skinned People

Our forefathers were on to something when they coined the iconic “Black and Shine” term. But Elsa knows the shine doesn’t happen by accident. It happens by deliberately slathering shea butter everywhere. Your neck, shoulders, arms, belly, armpit, EVERYWHERE.

When people see your picture and drop comments like, “Even if you’re plantain”, you know you’ve done a good job.

And top with Vaseline for extra shine

An Elsa Majimbo Guide to Glowing for Dark Skinned People

You don’t stop at shea butter. You have to go in with a generous scoop of petroleum jelly everywhere, to make up for spots you might’ve missed when you applied shea butter.

Don’t forget the body oil

An Elsa Majimbo Guide to Glowing for Dark Skinned People

In case you’re not paying attention, “too much shine” isn’t a concept in Elsa’s books. It’s the only reason why body oil is a must in a lineup that already has shea butter and petroleum jelly.

Throw in some glossy lip finish

You’ll never catch Elsa with a no-shine, non-glossy lip finish. So, leave that matte. You don’t want to have em lips looking ashy while rocking the shiny body of a black goddess. 

The body mists

You don’t want to be the black and shine that walks into a room smelling like day-old akara oil. Instead, you want compliments that go from “You’re glowing” to “You smell so nice”. That right there is the power of layering. So, on top of all that butter and oil, throw in a generous razzle dazzle of body mist.

And some perfume too

Surely, you know Elsa doesn’t leave her business in only one capable hand. If the duo of shea butter and vaseline for shine weren’t enough, why should body mists for scent be? Exactly. Layer that shit up with some perfume that leaves you smelling like money itself.

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