You can’t pour new wine into an old wineskin (or something like that). If we want a new government that’s free of prejudice and corruption, we should consider changing our national anthem to fun songs that keep us young people going. I mean, I’d stand still if I ever saw the news and Crazy Tings was playing at the National Assembly. 

Cash – Lady Donli

If Nigerians sing this song often enough, we’d eventually manifest enough energy into the universe to make $1 equal ₦1. Cash is important, especially now that it’s scarce, and Donli knows that. Collective manifestation might just be the answer.

Space – Tay Iwar ft. Santi and Preye

Forget where they started talking about women and focus on, “Leave me alone. Space is all I need”. We could just chant that part for 30 minutes straight as a country, so it can sink in enough to stop Nigerians from looking into someone’s phone on a bus, t for thanks.

Feel Alright – Show Dem Camp, Boj, Poe

The national anthem is supposed to inspire hope, and these guys did that in Feel Alright. When they said everything is worth fighting for, they meant Nigeria. This song preaches that you’re the only one who can make a change by spreading love.

Pull Up – Prettyboy D-O, Santi

Nigeria jaga jaga on steroids. Imagine our 70-year-old senators learning to rap just so they can sing the anthem. Maybe they’d also find time to learn how to do their jobs?

Point and Kill – Little Simz, Obongjayer

A country with a national anthem called Point and Kill is not a country anyone would want to mess with. I picked this particularly for when Little Simz said, “Smooth travel never stuck in customs”. Manifesting a passport that works won’t be so bad. 

Oshofree – YKB, s3nami

YKB was divinely inspired when he wrote Oshofree. The next time they invite our president to an international event, and we play the “No more Oshofree… Na money be the koko” part, everybody will come correct.

Crazy Tings – Tems

Can the list be complete without Nigeria’s queen? Absolutely not. What’s more Nigerian than an anthem that goes, “If you need somebody’s crase, you fit chop somebody’s crase?”  Everybody is a little bit insane in this country, after all.



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