It’s December, aka Detty December aka house party szn. There are a couple of things you need to know before attending a house party in Nigeria. These things are to help you maximize your time there and have as much fun as you possibly can. 

1. Bring your own booze. 

Yes, bring your own alcohol. Nigeria is expensive and your host may or may not have enough money to provide alcohol for everyone there. It’s only right to bring your own booze so the party stays flowing with alcohol. 

2. You become a lemon the moment you walk through the door. 

Are you really at a Nigerian house party if they haven’t called you Lemon 1 or Lemon 24? The name your parents gave you loses its meaning and you are automatically transformed into a lemon. 

Lemon - Wikipedia
You, at a house party.

3. House party and games night mean the same thing to Nigerians. 

A lot of Nigerians don’t know the difference between a house party and a games night. You want to drink booze and shake your bum, meanwhile, your host wants you to participate in a long list of questionable games. Anything your eyes see in a house party— just take it like that.

4. It’s a games night, not an orgy. 

The only time a games night should be changed into an orgy is when it’s been stated in the list of activities and everyone has been informed prior to their arrival. 

5.The person toasting you can be at the house party with 10 other people they are toasting. 

You can attend a house party and meet your boyfriend, his side chic and his small girlfriend. All this can happen while you are there with your second boyfriend too. The good thing about it is the thrill of it all. 

6. Some people aren’t there to have any fun.

We know this may come as a surprise to you, but some people don’t attend house parties with the intention to have fun and it’s both surprising and confusing. They spend all the time on their phone waiting for the person who hasn’t texted them back in weeks to suddenly text them. Jokers.



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