Modern life means that adults are spending a lot more time behind computer screens and on smartphones than ever before. Often, modern jobs mean that you are working on a computer for at least eight hours a day. Then people come home and use computers for entertainment. Unfortunately, people are not taking breaks from technology and this is leading to health problems.

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Technology Affecting Everyday Life

Everyone uses technology every day without thinking about it. In particular, a typical working day means interacting with customers and colleagues from behind a screen. A lot of people experience side effects of this without connecting the two actions together. To make it worse, people come home and then use technology for further learning or entertainment. For instance, they might be taking online classes, bingeing on the latest Netflix offering or enjoying online gambling and slots. No matter what someone is doing, they are going from one website to another without thinking about what this may be doing to their health.

Unfortunately, it is not just adults that this is happening to. An increasing number of young people are now growing up surrounded by technology. This becomes a way of life and they might start to spend even more time online.

The Health Risks of Technology Use

A lot of people are worried about the effects of sitting at the computer for too long. Indeed, there are a few health concerns to remember. For example, if you are spending more than half of your day sitting down at a desk, you will not be getting the exercise you need to stay healthy. In particular, you might be at risk from muscle atrophy. This is when your muscles weaken because you are not using them on a regular basis. You can also be at risk from gaining weight, which can be linked to various health conditions.

There is also a lot of concern that staring at a computer screen and smartphones for long periods of time can damage the eyes. In particular, computer vision syndrome is a real problem you can suffer from. This can lead to dry eyes, which can cause discomfort and headaches. This is when you do not blink enough because you are staring at a screen. Without doing this, you do not maintain your tear film on the eye and they become dry. In addition, you can develop eyestrain when you work on the computer a lot. Computer screens and smartphones are bright and you can develop headaches.

The good news is that dry eyes and eyestrain are conditions that can be treated. For instance, you can use artificial tears to relieve the discomfort you are feeling. Indeed, you can also make a conscious effort to blink when you are working. But what is important is to take regular breaks and time away from technology. This can help to prevent the side effects of spending a lot of time behind a screen. Get up every 20 minutes to one hour to move around.



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