First of all, have it at the back of your mind that you are not admitting wrong because you were not wrong. These men are wilding and moving mad but stay strong, you will manipulate your innocence out of him eventually. You are a queen Sis, and queens are infallible.

Step one: Spin the table.

Bring up something he did wrong in the past too. Guilt trip him Sis.

If that doesn’t work: Give him the look.

If you’re both chatting about it then pack your messages with the emoji.

Cry Sis.

Tears always do the trick. If your man sees you crying and doesn’t start apologizing immediately then permit me to tell you the truth Sis, he is not the man God ordained for you. Dump him, then go out and hustle for your real man Sis.

Wear something sexy. 

You gotta graphically confuse the enemy Sis.

Use lines like: “If that’s what you want”.

zikoko - women apologizing

With that look to match. He will come correct.

Add “Is that why you are shouting/overreacting?”

zikoko - women apologizing

Make him look stupid Sis.

Cook for him.

zikoko - women apologizing

But don’t say you’re sorry. He should know you are and he should know the food is a peace offering. Besides, if he can’t read your mind then who will?

Then wait for him to apologize to you.

zikoko - women apologizing

Because that’s how it should be Queen Sis.

We also have a list of accurate signs your man is cheating on you. You’re welcome Sis.


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