When your bank removes unexplained charges

They already stress you every day, and they still want to charge you for it? No. It cannot happen.

Or your Bolt driver wants extra money

They’ll say fuel is crazy expensive, but it’s not affecting them alone. The app has already increased price. They should leave the rest to God.

When food passes you by at a party

You mean you’re just going to sit there and be mature about the fact that you’ll be leaving an owambe without tasting rice? Come off it.

Or when they tell you meat has finished

It’s a different story if you’re a vegetarian. But if you really like meat, what’s the point of hiding your pain?

When someone takes too much time at the ATM stand

Be the smaller person by kneeling down to beg them for funds since they have too much of it.

If you’re arguing with an agbero

In this scenario, change our advice from “go lower” to “lay low”, and you’ll be safe.

When salary doesn’t enter on salary date

If your salary always takes too long to drop, why are you working fast and getting everything done quickly? Take your time too. Obviously, no one around you is in a rush.

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