From the people ringing their warning bells to the ones who can’t see a single tweet anymore, here are all the people you’ll find on your timeline now that the Chief Commander of the Twitter forces has decided to limit the number of tweets we can see.

The jokers

Elon Musk can limit the number of tweets I see, but he can never limit these ones’ jokes.

The people serving warnings up and down

All these ones want to do is see tweets they actually care about with their daily limit. And if they have to give a warning every 20 minutes, then so be it. 

The ones who reach their daily limit before they even open Twitter

Obviously, the people at Twitter have beef with them. They should send Mr. Musk a DM to beg him.

The chosen ones 

While everyone and their daddies are complaining about daily limits, they can’t relate because they’ve been sailing smoothly since it all began, even though they never subscribed to Twitter blue. These people were obviously chosen by a higher power. 

The addicts

They now realise maybe, just maybe, they might have a Twitter addiction.

The celebrants

They heard the news and fell to their knees in gratitude because now they can return to real life and be productive once they reach their daily limit.

The billionaires

They understand where their fellow billionaire is coming from and won’t stop telling everyone to just suck it up and pay. But they need to realise that $8 is ₦6k, and that is just too much for a common blue tick.

The children of anger

Every third tweet on their timeline is dedicated to cussing out Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey and anyone they see supporting this change.

The ones testing their pickup lines 

“Twitter might have a daily limit, but my love for you is limitless.” They need to take several seats because no one is buying what they’re selling.



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