Life for adults is tough but life for babies is soft. Here are 9 reasons why we think babies live better lives than adults.

They don’t pay rent 

Babies live rent-free. Imagine not having to pay your own rent at the end of each year/month. Must be nice. 

They always get what they want

All babies have to do is cry and they’ll get anything — whether it’s food, breast milk, toys… anything. Theee life we’re trying to live,  for real.

They don’t have jobs

That’s why babies are so cheerful and playful. They don’t have deadlines to meet so they’re just living based on vibes and giggles. 

They don’t have relationship issues

As a baby, nobody is going to come into your life and tell you they love you and serve you breakfast right after — unless it’s SMA.

They don’t go to school 

And when they’re old enough to start school, the only thing they do is eat, sleep and learn A,B,C and 1,2,3. SMH.

Babies don’t have to take care of anybody

Babies don’t have any parents or siblings calling them to ask for money.

Babies don’t pay bills

Unlike us adults living our whole lives to pay bills — including the childcare bills

Babies don’t fight

Babies don’t fight. Asides from not being able to fight, nobody can fight them. If you’ve ever had the urge to fight a baby, please check yourself.

People are nicer to babies

Babies are cute and small and peaceful, and this why people are nice to babies. 


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