Whatever you do in this life, ensure that you never re-share any message containing any of these tags:

1) “Forwarded as received.”


2) “Share with someone on your contact list.”

Just try me and see.

3) “If you believe in [insert religious figure here], share this.”

Get out of here with your 2011 tricks.

4) “#Copied.”

So, you didn’t verify this thing before sharing? To what end?

5) “Please pass this information for the benefit of others.”

Most times, the information is kuku rubbish.

6) “Copied as received.”

As opposed to what? Kindly use the door.

7) “Don’t feel shy to share with others including your children.”

These are the worst set of criminals. It’s because of them our parents stress us.

8) “If you’re proud of your heritage, share this.”

Are you proud of your heritage? or even your country?

9) “Shared exactly as received.”

Please, just stop. Please.

Did we miss anything on this list? Tell us in the comments section.



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