If you’ve ever watched an audition, you’ll know it’s almost always the most interesting part of the show. This is because, whatever the audition is for, you’re sure to find the following types of people:

The oversabi

This person must’ve been who Asake was calling “overwise” in his Organise song. Like, we know it’s a singing competition ma, but calm down. Don’t use offkey falsettos to finish us.

Mr focus

You just know these ones didn’t let anyone copy them in the exam hall. They’re always so serious and don’t even waste time trying to crack jokes with the judges.

The comedian

This one is the opposite of Mr focus. Their mission is to make the judges like them. You start to wonder if they came to participate in a dancing competition or to make the judges laugh.

The fashion killer

Whether you think they have talent or not, one thing’s for certain. Y’all gonna catch these fire ‘fits.

The pity collector

They’ll tell the judges all about how they fell from heaven because no mother even wanted to birth them, and how they’ve been fending for themselves since they were toddlers. 

The motivational speaker

This is just the pity collector pro max. They’ve likely auditioned six times in the past — and they’ll make sure everyone knows — but they’re determined to keep pushing until they blow.

The one who doesn’t have friends

Because what friend would let you come on TV to perform rubbish? They either don’t have friends, or their friends are their village people. 

The one-word mopol

They’re just here to perform and go. No too much talk. They’re usually the ones who blow everyone away.

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