Elon Musk’s recent shakedown on Twitter sent users running to Donald Trump’s Truth Social, but a new competitor, Threads, has joined the conversation.

8 Twitter NG Behaviours We Don’t Want To See on Threads

Source: The Guardian

Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta released Threads; an alternative to Twitter. As usual, Nigerians are already setting up camp in the Thread-verse and doing the things Nigerians do. The follow-trains have started and the catfishers are trying to get their follower-count up. God, abeg. While we can deal with these behaviours on Twitter, it’s going to be shege pro-max to experience the same on Threads. 

Follow for Follow

8 Twitter NG Behaviours We Don’t Want To See on Threads

Almost everybody on Twitter NG wants that influencer bag but can we relax for a moment? That follow-train business should stop on Twitter. Threads allows you to automatically import your Instagram followers to the app, so maybe get your instagram following up. 


8 Twitter NG Behaviours We Don’t Want To See on Threads

This can be so annoying, especially when you’re trying to get to the root of a trending gist in the comments. Zuckerberg should better have a Threads-jail to deal with the human bots fond of this spammy behaviour.


8 Twitter NG Behaviours We Don’t Want To See on Threads

This is rampant on Twitter. The play is, men create accounts, use pictures of random pretty girls with the aim of gaining new followers and even gifts from thirsty men. Threads is in its early days, so better look before you leap so you don’t get catfished. 

Fan wars

8 Twitter NG Behaviours We Don’t Want To See on Threads

They were pretty funny in the beginning days but things have gotten so toxic these days. Tweet an opinion about an artist and his minions will have your neck for it. It’s possible to love an artist and still criticize their work, please.

Hijacking trending topics

Imagine seeing Davido on the trend table only to click and see posts about perfume oil, ewa aganyin, ring light, etc. God abeg. We don’t need the vendors and small business owners bringing this behaviour to Threads.

Ratio count

If you’ve been long enough on Twitter you’ll be familiar with the words “Touch this ratio”. It’s a passive aggressive way of ignoring a smelling take, or one that just doesn’t align with popular opinion. It’s giving “cyberbullying” and we don’t want that in a new space.

False retweet alarms

Twitter influencers do this when they need engagement on their tweets. They jump on a trending story, make a post about it and add “Retweet Aggressively” like we can’t tell it’s the engagement they want. Please and respectfully, nothing of such on Threads. 

Daniel Regha

Twitter NG users have accepted Daniel Regha as the monster they made. Hopefully he doesn’t port to Threads and choke us with his unwarranted opinions on everything. Actually, knowing Regha, he’s probably criticizing Threads on Threads already.


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