It’s true that landlords living in the same house as their tenants can be a bad idea — this was the case over the weekend when Elon Musk gave his Twitter tenants a hard shakedown and sent them running to sign up on Truth Social, another social media app.

Truth Social vs Nairaland: Where Should You Port To?

In the middle of the chaos, some Nigerians remembered Nairaland and how it could have been the social media app that’ll save us. They might have been onto something because what can Truth Social offer that Nairaland cannot? But wait, let’s start from the beginning.

What is Truth Social?

Released in 2020, Truth social is former US president, Donald Trump’s social media app heavily modelled after Twitter. Think of it as a clone that gives you a watered-down Twitter experience. On Truth Social, you rethruth instead of retweet, share a truth (instead of a tweet) and like a truth.

What is Nairaland?

Truth Social vs Nairaland: Where Should You Port To?

Founded by Seun Osenwa, Nairaland is a Nigerian internet forum where users interact and have discussions on any topic. It’s like a Nigerian version of Reddit.

They are both public online platforms

Truth Social vs Nairaland: Where Should You Port To?

Truth Social and Nairaland allows users to interact freely and banter over a wide range of subjects like music, movies, sex, relationships, health etc.

They both suck at design

Truth Social vs Nairaland: Where Should You Port To?

If you’re snubbing Nairaland for the design, just save yourself the trouble because Truth Social isn’t all that either. Remember how confusing Twitter’s interface was like 10 years ago?

Free speech is not free speech

Donald Trump might have promised free speech on his platform, but inflammatory takes on the can get you shadowbanned. Nairaland also has a moderation system in place that puts a gag on users who move weird. 

Follow for follow

Both platforms allow you to grow your network of online followers, especially if you’re looking to secure that influencer bag. Why did you abandon Nairaland again?

Meme land

Some of the most chaotic Nollywood memes on Twitter NG spilled over from Nairaland, so Truth will have to sit this one out. The memes are great and all, but they definitely don’t compare to Seun Osenwa’s multiverse.

Take it to the DM

Again, Nairaland comes through if your plan is to flirt in the DMs. But unlike Truth Social where you can send an actual DM, you’ll be sending mail. Who cares, though? Communication is communication.


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