Ending a relationship is hardly ever as effortless as romantic comedies like to make us think. It takes more than binge watching a Netflix show, eating ice cream and crying for one day to get over a breakup. The stages of a Nigeria relationship breakup are way more complex.

1. The mutual ghosting.

This is usually the beginning of the end. You both just stop talking to each other and your Whatsapp message thread suddenly becomes deserted land.

2. The official closing remarks.

Which is technically the actual breakup and is most often dramatic. If its an annoying one then it most likely sounds like something from this list.

3. The initial shock and denial.

Now it’s officially over but you’re still shook. You have been in the relationship for a while and being single suddenly feels strange. Do you publish a statement or do you just start flirting and posting single life memes? Very strange.

4. Then comes the rage.

The part where you unleash your craze because you just realized how much time and energy you invested in the relationship and it should not end like this. It becomes worse if the ex cheated. This is also when most people take to their twitter feed to drop nuggets of wisdom about the futility of relationships and how much of a scam love is.

5. Oh the pain.

Not beautiful pain please. This is one is the painful pain.

6. The chesting of the pain.

zikoko- Nigeria relationship breakup

And then of course you pretend you are ok because somehow the end of a relationship gradually transforms into a competition to see who between the both exes is doing better. And there’s no way you’re losing this competition.

7. The part where you finally move on.

zikoko- Nigeria relationship breakup

Or think you have. You go on new dates and meet interesting people so it seems a lot like you have moved on and are in a happy place.

8. And then the part where you run into your ex.

zikoko- Nigeria relationship breakup

For some people, seeing their ex for the first time after the breakup takes them right back to stage 3. With even more shock if the said ex is already in a new relationship. Like how dare they?

Did we miss any stage?



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