It has come to our notice (it’s none of your business how) that a lot of people don’t know what a serious Nigerian relationship is. Just so you know, not every relationship is serious. We decided to make a list to detail the “characteristics” of a serious Nigerian relationship.

Read and be informed. You’re welcome.

1. People always ask after your significant other when they see you.

Right after “How are you?”, comes “how is (insert boo or bae’s name)?” It’s like you become an extension of your partner so when people see you they are immediately reminded of them. People are not asking you yet? That’s because you have not told them na.

2. All your exes suddenly want a second chance.

Somehow in the dating visibility algorithm people only notice you when you are unavailable and happily cocooned in another relationship. The moment you enter a happy place with someone serious all your exes get alerts and they suddenly realize the mistake they made. Block them dear.

3. Your social media automatically tags your boo.

Even your IG and Facebook knows your boo’s name and tags them when you post pictures or make posts.

4. Their nickname/pet name is now autocompleted on your phone.

That means even autocomplete recognizes and respects your relationship. And mind you, it takes a lot of consistency to get autocomplete to recognize any word that it doesn’t already know. My autocomplete keeps changing “boo” to “bio”. It’s like the lil witch knows i am single and wants me to stop plagiarizing a word meant for people in relationships. I should sue right? Nobody deserves this kind of discrimination.

5. You have met each other’s family.

And it actually ended in praise.

6. You both have a couple goals uniform.

zikoko-serious Nigerian relationship

Complete with a cheesy caption that everyone says is cute but secretly roll their eyes at.

7. Your Facebook status says “In a relationship”.

zikoko- serious Nigerian relationship

Even people who are not active on Facebook have accurate and up to date relationship statuses on Facebook. So if you’ve taken time out of your very busy schedule to let Facebook people know that you are no longer single, it’s a serious relationship.

8. Your neighbors know who bae/boo is without you telling them.

zikoko- serious Nigerian relationship

Which also means bae/boo is the only bae/boo coming around.

So that’s 8 signs your relationship is indeed serious. Did we miss any?


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