Elon Musk’s X is brewing with premium drama after a lady shared how she wakes up as early as 4:50 a.m. to prepare lunch for her husband. Apparently, he told her a female colleague once brought two spoons to work to share her lunch with him.

As expected, X users are caught on different sides of the argument that ensued. Some laughed off the idea of waking up that early to make lunch for someone else, others dragged gluttonous men, while others cheered her on for knowing how to keep her man.

8 Signs Your Babe Eats Other People’s Food at Work

While all sides are valid, the bigger question is, “How can you tell if your own babe is sampling other people’s meal at work?”

We have the answers.

When they come home smelling of soup

8 Signs Your Babe Eats Other People’s Food at Work

They left the house smelling like vanilla and coffee, so you better be ready to ask questions when you catch the faintest whiff of egusi on their lapel.

“I’m not having dinner”

Who returns home after a long day at work and turns down a plate of hot jollof, grilled turkey and dodo? If they’re turning down your food, it’s because they’ve been well-fed elsewhere.

They start to ask for strange recipes

8 Signs Your Babe Eats Other People’s Food at Work

Because why is your Yoruba lover asking for banga, afang or oha soup, when you’ve only known them to eat ewedu? Listen, someone is teasing their tastebuds outside.

They refuse your offer to pack their lunchbox

What’s the point when they know colleague XYZ will pack lunch and cutlery for two?

They start suggesting things while you cook 

8 Signs Your Babe Eats Other People’s Food at Work

“Baby, why not fry the beans in red oil first?” They might tell you they saw it on the gram or YouTube, but it’s a lie. They’ve had that shit at work, and now, they’re dying for another taste because the colleague who brings it to work has resigned.

They take bread, fufu or rice without stew

Because they’re banking on that colleague in marketing to bring a bowl of soup that’s obviously tastier than yours. 

They return home with a toothpick in their mouth

Just imagine the audacity to return from the crime scene with an exhibit. They have to explain what’s stuck between their teeth, but more importantly, why they ate food that isn’t from your kitchen. 

They always use the toilet before dinner

It’s the only way to clear their stomach and make room for your food after they’ve had the treat of their life at work.



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