Rent is expensive in a lot of places, so it’s only natural that people decide to share their apartments with other people. It should be a win-win situation for everyone involved, but if your flatmate is guilty of any of the following, you should know that they don’t have your best interests at heart.

1. When they set numerous, loud alarms and never wake up to any of them

But you in the other room have woken up since the first alarm went off and unable to go back to sleep

2. When they use the kitchen and leave you to deal with the mess

For some reason, they think you’re the help and your job is to do whatever they can’t

3. When they eat the food you kept for later

Again, you’re the help.

4. When they bring their friends in all the time and take over the living room

Now, you’re the kid and you should leave the living room for the grown-ups.

5. They borrow your things and lose them

That’s how you lost your favourite hat.

6. They always give an excuse when it’s their turn to clean the bathroom

“Sorry, the sight of filth nauseates me.”

7. They borrow money and refuse to pay back on time if they pay at all

They always ask you to understand.

8. It’s a struggle to get them to pay the power bill and even rent

You know what? Just move out. You deserve better.



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