No matter how bad a year is, one thing is constant; people will try to lie to themselves about things they will do in the next year. From lying that they will journal more or exercise more, as soon as the year is about to end, the lies begin to happen. We don’t know what makes people start acting brand new but here are 8 memes that describe how people think about a new year.

1. The “Omo, I give up” meme 

We don’t even blame people that can relate to this meme. Everyone is tired as it is, that is why no one is consciously trying to manifest anything for next year. 

2. The “we move” meme 

People that can relate to this meme have the mindset that drives capitalism. Must we always move? can’t we rest? where are we moving to? All the best to them sha. 

3. The “my body count has reset” meme

Every year, people tweet this and will still lie that they are over their ex. If you are so over that ex, why do you need to reset your body count? Secondly, what in the Babalawo science is this?  

4. The “don’t disturb me please I’m manifesting” meme 

These guys are too busy retweeting all those “Like this tweet and your helper will find you in two days”, we can’t even judge, manifest all you want, this country is hard and any extraterrestrial help you can get is better than nothing. 

5. The “how far that 13th-month salary” meme 

People that can relate to this meme are busy wondering how they will frustrate their boss into giving everyone a 13th-month salary before they start crying hot tears while looking at their account balance. 

6. The “January lasts for 30 days and 30 nights” meme 

Everyone knows that January is not a month for human beings to survive in, but no one knows why it always last’s that long. We go dey alright sha. 

7. The “another year and I’m still single” meme 

People that can relate to this meme are the ones that block couples that post anything about their relationships across social media platforms. Maybe next year will be your year sha, and if not, you can always go to Shiloh.

8. The “next year I am ready to be a hoe” meme

This meme is for people that have bought land “in the streets” and are tired of looking for “the one.” They are not trying to manifest any ‘Yama Yama’ partner, good luck to everyone trying to find love with them because it will end it tears. 

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