If now is the time you want to launch into your baddie era fully, or it’s coming along in your plan, you have to do it properly. Inflation has hit town and being a baddie is more than fine makeup, captivating reels and GRWM videos.

If you use this guide like a bible, you’ll survive this inflation and have long baddie days.

Abundance sustainability mentality

If you invest in this mentality, you can shame inflation. A real baddie knows better to cut her palazzo to her size in this Agbado era. If not, a baddie will crumble in the presence of low balance and inflating prices.

You can fuck around and find out

Get more jobs

Aside the fact that money stops reduces nonsense, you need shit ton of it in the current Nigeria. And a single job hardly feeds anyone these days. The only way to not be a broke baddie in this capitalist world is to diversify like bad girl Riri.

Yesterday’s price isn’t today’s price

The naira value we have today isn’t what we had yesterday. As inflation continues to rise, ensure that your rate card rises with it. If not, you might be shortchanging yourself.

Pretty priviledge

Pretty priviledge works like magic in 2024, in case you haven’t heard, and you better start wagging your wand. Who knows who might dash you free $50k for being a pretty babe? 

Keep a lit media

Whether for your eyes only or you decide to bless our timeline, keep every photo you take at Instagram standard. This is how to convince your haters that Tinubu’s Nigeria isn’t touching you.

Avoid bad energy

Don’t allow Nigeria’s inflation wahala and other depressing news suck away your time and emotion. Invest time in productive work and surround yourself with positive people to spark joy. A baddie is a happy soul.

You’re already a baddie

When push comes to shove, always remember that you’re tougher than tough times. That’s the true weapon of a baddie. Inflation can fight, but you’re a warrior.

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