Before you even consider buying that ₦8k moi moi, we suggest you buy the more useful things on this list. 


The last time we checked, spaghetti cost ₦1,400 each. Only Tinubu knows how much it’ll cost now, but whatever the case may be, we know for a fact that if you take your ₦8k to the market, it’ll be enough to buy one pack of spaghetti and ingredients you’ll need to make at least three servings of jollof.

A truckload of fufu

Image source: Preciouscore

Garri is now gold, and fufu is the new way to go. You may need to hold your nose while eating it, but all that really matters is that there’s food in your stomach and change in your pocket. 


Image source: Mainmarket

Specifically, Four Cousins. They might be asking us to purchase each cousin for ₦1,500, but even at that, it’s a better use of your money.

A ticket to HERtitude

You’ll have to add ₦500 to your ₦8k, but for that low price you get to come party with us for one full day. It’s only for hot babes though, so if you aren’t one, shift.


Image source: Vanguard

Don’t eat your japa dreams. With your ₦8k, you can buy a fake visa and take it to Hallelujah prayers so God can make it real.

A plot of land

Image source: Urbangeekz

You might have to drop ₦8k every week until you leave this earth, but you’ll get that plot of land and grow your own beans to make all the moi moi your heart desires.

A business

Image source: memes.zikoko

We won’t tell you the type of business so it doesn’t look like we’re telling you what to do with your life. But think long and hard, we’re sure you’ll find a profitable business to sow your ₦8k into.

A house

Image source: Booking

All you have to do is hold on to your ₦8k until you get another one. If you do this like three times, you’ll have enough money to buy a bag of cement, and that is the first step to becoming your own landlord.


Image source: Bulksuppliers

Why buy one moi moi for ₦8k when you can use the money to buy a blender and make all the moi moi you want? We suggest you buy the manual one because if you search for Buchymix with your ₦8k, they’ll chase you out.



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