If you find yourself scrolling and refreshing social media for the nth time in one day, then you should try one of these tested and trusted methods guaranteed to end boredom.

1) Count the strands in Dangote spaghetti.

I demand answers.

2) Count how many times Wizkid said Soco in the song Soco.

I stopped counting at 20.

3) Search for Daddy Bubu.

Gulder ultimate search – president edition.

4) Summon the anti-christ and hasten the end of the world.

Show Miss Rona who is boss.

5) Play dress up.

See as I set, I can waste.

6) Find a notebook and become friends with a death god.

I have suggestions for the first few names that should go into it.

7) Sleep for the tenth time in one day.

Sleep is life.

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