Hilda Baci just broke the world record for the longest cooking marathon. 

But there are some other things that Nigerians are so good at, that they need no motivation to break records in them.

Hailing you like their life depends on it

Nigerians have perfected the art of hailing. You could be struggling to buy bread and beans so you don’t die, someone will still see you and still say, “My Oga, after you na you”. 

Arguing in traffic 

One minute you’re driving quietly, and the next two people are shouting “Do you know who I am” on the road. 

Fighting other countries online

The sky might be falling, but immediately a Ghanaian says our Jollof is shit, the whole federation comes together to fight for our honour. 

Giving unsolicited advice


The average Nigerian will advise anyone and everyone. The annoying thing is that the advice is almost always unnecessary.


A Nigerian will never pass up an opportunity to rest. The only reason you’re not sleeping right now is because you love Zikoko articles. 

Insults that make you reconsider your self-worth

This dude called me “bombastic element” in Primary two and I felt it in my bones. It’s the Nigerian way. 


Owambe wayyy! From throwing a party to celebrate a milestone to throwing another party to celebrate the success of the last party, we are definitely the kings and queens of enjoyment.

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