Nothing can stop Nigerians from throwing elaborate parties, wearing asoebi and generally having the time of their lives. Same way, you can’t attend owambe and not find these people. 

The fashionistas

This one will do anything to stand out. If you’re not careful, you’ll mistake them for the celebrant. Wearing the latest style, flawless makeup and expensive jewellery, they turn heads as they go. They’re either there to represent or pepper someone. 

The foodies

They’re there just for the food, so imagine trying to skip them when you’re sharing? They’ll fight you. It doesn’t matter if they can’t pronounce the name of the food or have never seen it before, as long as it’s on the menu, they want it. They’re the actual embodiment of awoof dey run belle.

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The content creators

They don’t just attend owambes, they make sure their whole contact list attends with them. With how diligent they are in creating content, you’d wonder if they’re getting paid for it. They take pictures and videos of everything; food, decor, themselves… 

The dancers 

Mostly found on the bridal train or among the groomsmen, these ones just want to show off their dance moves. Their videos will end up trending, so that’s good. 

The party crashers

We call these ones mo gbo mo ya. They have no idea what the name of the couple is, but they were bored and heard about the party, so there they are. You’d think they’re part of the family in their best fit, and with the biggest smiles. 

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The commentators 

With years of owambe experience under their belt, they believe they know how everything should be. Their job is to criticise everything, from hall size to the bridal train dresses and the texture of meat. 

The scouts

They’re at different parties every other week, hoping to find the love of their lives. Or at least, the next person to sponsor their soft life. 

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