2022 is here, and the days are already counting. Here are a couple of things to normalise if we don’t want to seem crazy.

1. Not scrolling when someone shows you a picture on their phone

Why are you now looking for something you did not keep, ehn? It should be simple: view and give the phone back. If they wanted you to go through their gallery, they would have said so.

2. Snatching people’s partners

Snatch anyone entering your eye today. If it’s a woman, you can make her see reasons why she shouldn’t be with a “boyfriend’ when you could be her husband.

3. Getting pets to do some work around the house

Why should they live in your house without contributing anything? Hand your dog a brush and tell it to get scrubbing.

4. Eating bread with icing

With the rising inflation, buying your favourite spread will create a hole in your pocket. So, watch out for those celebrating birthdays and store as much icing as possible. Don’t say Zikoko told you, though.

5. Not airing job applicants

Was their application received and/or rejected? Kindly indicate. The anxiety and self-doubt from a hiring manager’s silence can make people swear for them.

6. Shopping with crypto tokens

Why use cash when you can pay online with crypto? Wondering how that works? Simply buy Floki, a meme coin currently making waves in the crypto market.

Thanks to a partnership with CryptoCart, you can comfortably use the Floki token to purchase items at over 1,700 stores worldwide, including Amazon, eBay, Uber, Apple, and PlayStation via the CryptoCart platform. You probably don’t like to leave your house anyway, so it’s perfect!

Don’t sleep on this! Become a Floki owner right away.



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