6 Questions About the Kano School Rape

November 2, 2015
Last week, Nigeria was shocked with a disturbing report that secondary school students in Kano had been raped by some unknown men. How could this happen? Who let it happen?  We have so many questions about everything but these are the biggest ones….

1. Why does the Nigerian press seem to struggle with the word “rape in this case?

We’ve read “sodomy” a few times but apart from Premium Times, has anyone used the word “rape” to describe what happened to the boys?

2. Is it inconceivable that victims were raped by senior students?

Why are the authorities insisting that the rapists came from outside the school?

3. Are the students getting medical attention?

Premium Times reports that the school is preventing the victims from receiving care outside the school.

4. Is this an isolated incident or an epidemic?

Has this happened before in this school? And are students being raped in secondary schools across Nigeria?

5. Will the perpetrators be caught and prosecuted?

Our history in this department is not very great. Especially since the proprietor of the school reportedly denies the incident.

6. If your child, sibling or relative were a student of that school, what would you do?

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