If shopping online makes you excited and ready to splurge, then you must have wished for at least 3 things on this list.

Genies might not bring them to life, but God of miracles will come through. Amen?

1. Miraculous delivery

Sometimes, after adding things to your cart, the delivery fee alone can give you hypertension. If only that wasn’t a thing, you’d probably shop online more often. Thankfully, as an OurPass user, you get to enjoy free delivery when you shop using the app. Say hello to free deliveries here, dear.

2. Instant checkout

Nothing makes the online shopping experience as seamless as fast checkout. All that time you use to fill out long entry forms can be channeled into watching your favourite show or chatting with your boo.

3. Discounts

Spending money is sweet when it’s not your own nau. Don’t lie, you’ve wished to come across those awoof 50% or 75 % discount whenever you’re shopping. At least if you save some money, you can boldly tell Musa to sell 5,000 Naira Suya for you in the evening.

4. No “what I ordered versus what I got” moments

Especially when it comes to items like wearables, gadgets and beauty products. That gown looks great in the photo, but what are the odds that it won’t end up being a night gown on delivery? God no go shame us oh.

5. That hackers should not see your money

God forbid that hackers should mess with your favourite shopping platform and wipe out the small 10k you want to manage till month end. It won’t be funny. If security is something you’re very particular about, you’ll like using OurPass.

With this app, you no longer have to share your card details, shipping address and phone number on multiple websites. Simply add money to your OurPass account and pay with your wallet at checkout in just a few moments.

About OurPass

OurPass is the easiest, fastest and most secure way to shop online. It allows you to checkout in one click on any website that has OurPass installed. No need to enter your personal and card details across multiple websites.

Simply click and chill; OurPass makes it faster to shop online. As a business owner, you can integrate OurPass into your e-commerce website as well to increase seamless checkouts and sales. If this sounds like a plan, click here to start.



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