That moment when you hit your head on your pillow at night, and think of your day, life, goals. How do you feel? Sometimes, it’s inexplicable and being faced with all of these mental health myths and whatnot doesn’t help matters.

Here are 5 of the most common myths. Hopefully, they all die by fire because this is not even funny.

1. Only those who don’t pray hard enough get depressed

Why dis? One can’t just “pray” depression away. Being able to admit that you struggle with mental health issues, does not make one less of a religious person.

2. Depression is a white man’s disease

Climes might be different, but we all face collective challenge as it relates to the mind and well-being. Can we dead this narrative, abeg?

3. Panic attacks are just people being dramatic

Wait till it happens to you in a public place and your whole body starts shaking. Nobody likes to go through that even for cruise oh.

4. Only those who are crazy see therapists

Look see it this way: just as you see a doctor when you feel ill in your body, so also should you reach out for professional support when it comes to matters of the mind. You don’t have to be kolo

, therapy is a lifestyle.

5. “Real men” don’t get depressed

Talmabout real men, until someone’s son will jump inside well. Men and women go experience mental illness alike plis. It doesn’t make anyone less of anything.


If you’re always feeling exhausted and overwhelmed for no traceable reason or due to an unenjoyable work-life, you’re not alone. If you need support, reach out. A therapist is waiting to listen to you.

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Here’s what you get:

  • Free screenings on the app which you can download here.
  • Affordable therapy (N3,000 for one week text therapy)
  • Rant roooms – get things off your chest.


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