I’m not a trust fund baby, but I can relate a little too much to some of the “rich man pikin” jokes flying around on Elon Musk’s X. At some point in my early life, I thought local African sponge was a bird nest that fell off a tree. 

20 of the Funniest “Rich Man Pikin” Jokes of 2023

Anyway, I’ve compiled 20 of the funniest ones, and if you also find yourself nodding in agreement a little too much, there may be hope that you’re not a full-blooded trenches-ist.

Let’s go. 

You mean this isn’t a bunch of final year students preparing for exams?

Laughs in ewedu and pepper mix

Green high-key gives government establishment 



Oops! Sorry for the laugh

There’s no turning back when you actually see it

God, abeg

So he’s not tweeting about his dream vacation countries?

I mean, it does look like a scene from a low-budget home econs practical

This is dark

What is it then?



This isn’t a ShopRite receipt? 

The FG needs to do better for real 


Make it stop!

Heavy bombastic side-eye

But it’s screaming “vegan” now

Isn’t this giving “relocation”?

Olumo Rock, to be precise

Laughs in cracked heels

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