Everyone who attended secondary school in Nigeria probably has a bunch of great memories, but we are sure there are some terrible ones too. Here are 16 sentences that will remind you of how annoying secondary school could be sometimes.


The pain you felt whenever that annoying teacher entered the class.

2. “What was the last thing I said?”

Why did they love stressing us?

3. “Everyone tear out a sheet of paper.”

You knew failure was around the corner.

4. “You have just 10 minutes more.”

You never understood how the time always flew by.

5. “PENS UP!”

The worst.

6. “Results are out.”

This sentence always put the fear of God in you.

7. “I’ll be calling out your scores.”

The whole class got to see your shame.

8. “All of you kneel down there.”

Getting dragged into group punishments that didn’t concern you.

9. “Everybody move out for prep.”

Why did this even exist?

10. “The principal is calling you.”

The scariest thing you could ever hear.


The most triggering of all.

12. “When is your next free period?”

That teacher that always wanted to steal your free period.

13. “Just give me 5 minutes out of your break time.”

You now had to watch everyone else play outside.

14. “Come and collect it at the end of the term.”

What you heard whenever your contraband got seized.

15. “Everyone bring out your notes.”

You knew you were about to get flogged for an incomplete note.

16. “Go and wait for me in my staff room.”

That moment you got sent to the land of no return.



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