Few things on earth are more annoying and entitled than a younger sibling, especially when they are very clearly your parents’ favourite. So, if you have at least one younger sibling that stressed you growing up, then this post is for you.

1. “I’ll tell mummy and daddy.”

Ah! Calm down na.

2. “Daddy said you should put on the gen for me.”

For what again?

3. “Mummy said I can change the channel to watch cartoon.”

Are you not tired?

4. “Daddy said you should cook Indomie for me.”

Is your hand paining you?

5. “Mummy said I should follow you and your friends to the party.”

Did you see your mate here?

6. “Daddy, [insert your name] beat me.”

That small thing?

7. “Mummy said you should help me do my homework.”

Did they pay me your school fees?

8. “Daddy said you should wash all the plates by yourself.”


9. “Mummy said you should come and iron my uniform.”

Better go to school with rumpled uniform.

10. “Daddy said you should allow me play game on your phone.”

They should buy you your own, abeg.

11. “Mummy said you should come down for morning devotion.”

Hian! Can I sleep?

12. “Daddy said you should give me out of your biscuit.”

I’d rather throw it all away.

13. “Mummy said you should take me to my friend’s house.”

Please, sit your ass at home/

14. “Daddy said you should allow me watch cartoon on your laptop.”


15. “Mummy said you should wash my bum bum.”

Why the hell?



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