If, like us, you’ve just found out that Amazon doubles as a real estate company and can deliver a house to you, congratulations. But here are 14 other insane things you didn’t know they can bring to your doorstep.

Edible insects

Image Source: Amazon

If you love trying out new meals, then you should definitely try some Zebra Tarantula.

Human body fat

Image Source: Amazon

If you’re taking a biology course or simply curious about the look and feel of human fat, this is for you.

The Ghost Meter

Image Source: Amazon

Avoiding your village people and their wahala is at the top of most people’s to-do list, but what do you do when the village people chasing after you are six-feet under? Get the ghost meter.

Placenta recipes book

Image Source: Amazon

After hours of pushing your baby and placenta out, why keep the baby and bury the placenta, when you can keep both? Make 25 different scrumptious recipes with the organ that kept your baby kicking in your womb.

A dildo bouncy ball

Image Source: Amazon

You get a guaranteed orgasm and a good abdominal workout with this one.

A tank

Image Source: Amazon

Technically, it’s the one from Star Wars. But you’re buying a tank from Amazon. What did you really expect?

Wolf urine

Image Source: Amazon

Collecting urine from an actual wolf can be a dangerous and disgusting endeavour. Thankfully, you can just buy a bottle of wolf pee on Amazon and save yourself the stress. 

Canned unicorn meat

Image Source: Amazon

Whether unicorns actually exist or not doesn’t really matter. What matters is you can get meat from this mystical creature for the low price of ₦6,294.49.

Uranium ore

Image Source: Amazon

We don’t know what you might need it for, but you can get your Uranium Ore on Amazon. Maybe it can help power your house or estate?


Image Source: Amazon

For when you ask the people in your life what they want and they tell you “nothing”. Now, you can make their wants come true.

Money soap

Image Source: Amazon

It won’t have you smelling like money, but each bar contains actual $1 to $50 notes, so you’ll get actual money from it. Or is this the soap that caused the “cut soap for me” trend of 2021?

Live snails

Image Source: Amazon

Need to make a quick pepper snails meal? Fret not, Amazon to the rescue.


Image Source: Youtube via taylorareed

Well, a cardboard cutout of yourself. But still, if you’ve ever wanted to be a twin, this is your time to shine.



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