If you’re spending this lockdown without your partner, then the past 14 days must have been hard for you. Overnight, your relationship went from a normal one to a long distance relationship.

Here’s everything you’ll relate to if you fit into this category of people

1. When you wake up and you realise that your partner is not next to you on the bed.

Lockdown Without Partner

2. And that you won’t be seeing them that day.

Honestly, who did you offend?

3. When you see other couples isolating together being cute on Twitter or Instagram.

Lockdown Without Partner

Disgusting. Please get a room.

4. When you’re talking to them on the phone but poor internet connection gets in the way.

Lockdown Without Partner

That phone or internet is in trouble today.

5. Or if it’s a video call, the struggle to see their face clearly.

6. And then having to say good bye when the call is over because calls cost money and you can’t talk over the phone forever.

7. Not being able to kiss or hug them.

8. No sex on the table.

9. So you’re almost always thinking about sex.

And all the wonderful things you’ll do once you see your partner.

10. Time just seems longer than usual.

When you check the time, it’s 4 pm, when you check again 8 hours later, it is 4:02 pm.

11. You can’t even countdown till the next time you’ll see each other.

Lockdown Without Partner

12. So you countdown till the next time you’ll speak to each other on the phone.

Lockdown Without Partner

You count down with your fingers and every app and body part you can countdown with.

13. When they fall asleep without telling you goodnight.

Lockdown Without Partner

You know it’s not their fault, but you can’t help but feel bad.

Being alone or spending this lockdown without your partner or the people you love at a time like this can be hard, and that’s why we’re here to keep you company.



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