Very few people are as dramatic as Nigerian mothers. From blaming every issue on your phone to acting like you want to kill at her every turn, Nigerian mothers are super extra.

Here are 12 instances every Nigerian child will relate to:

1. When you try to block a slap and she acts like you just stabbed her.

Calm down, abeg.

2. When she says you’ll “cry blood” while beating you.

As if she wouldn’t run if it started.

3. When she takes everything you say a little too literally.

It’s really not that deep.

4. When she sees you resting for 5 minutes.

“You’ve been sleeping ALL DAY.”

5. How she talks on the phone regardless of the topic:

Why are you screaming now?

6. When she turns morning devotion into a full service.

Pastor, please chill.

7. When she ends a shouting session with “you know I hate shouting”.

Then why are you always doing it?

8. “I didn’t kill my mother, you won’t kill me.”

Who is trying to kill you, abeg?

9. When she links every problem in your life to your phone.

No phone is that powerful, ma.

10. How she reacts when you correct her:

No vex.

11. When you tell her you ate in your dream.

Should we go for deliverance now?

12. How she always looks at her phone:

You will think she is doing more than reading a text.



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