If you grew up with your dad being the best thing since they invented Canadian PR, this post is for you.

1) When your mum says no, you always run to meet your dad.


2) Your mum’s face whenever she sees your dad indulging you.

Don’t jealous me pls.

3) Your dad whenever you are sick:

4) After a bad day and you see your dad:

5) You try your best to never disappoint your dad.

Daddy, I’ll always make you proud of me.

6) You have cute nicknames for each other.

“My princess,” and other variants.

7) No matter what, your dad can’t say no.

And you know it. And sometimes, exploit it.

8) Even when you’re broke as an adult, he’s still got your back.

Just call him and do ‘small’ complain about not having money and alert has entered.

9) Your face when he cracks a joke:

Even if it’s not funny.

10) Your reaction when someone insults your dad:

11) Your reaction in primary school when someone beat you:

“I will tell my daddy for you.”


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