Nothing prepares you for the drama that comes with going to a concert in Nigeria. From the main artist who chooses to show up seven hours late to the upcoming artist who expects you to sing along to a song they dropped that morning, everyone acts like they’re on steroids. With concert season around the corner (those prices though), we’ve made a list of people you’ll most likely run into at the next show you go for.

1. The One With A Curfew

They will spend the entire time reminding you that they have a curfew and need to be home before 10 p.m. This is funny because everyone knows that Nigerian concerts never  start on time. Most of the time, these ones leave before the main act gets on stage (which is usually at 3 a.m).

2. The One Always Looking For A Place To Crash Until Daybreak

Despite knowing that concerts run until very late, these ones won’t make plans for how they’ll get home or where they’ll sleep if they can’t get a ride.. They are basically running on vibes. If you meet someone like this at a concert and share a laugh together, they’ll ask to spend the night in your parlour. 

3. The One That’s Too Big To Dance

If there’s one thing Nigerians love, it’s forming. Why are you at a concert standing like an electric pole? These ones will rather die than actually admit that they’re having a good time. Tragic. 

4. The One That Won’t Stop Dancing 

These are the people that don’t understand the difference between a concert and a nightclub. Yes, you can dance o, but this is not Maltina Dance All so calm the hell down. They show up to concerts and start throwing their legs everywhere like Liquorose. All you can do at this point is get out of their way to avoid injury and let them finish.

5. The One Trying To Outsing The Artist On Stage

Arguably the most annoying group on this list. They will shout, not sing, every word as if their life depends on it. We get it. You’re a super fan. But please dear, we didn’t pay to hear you sing, so kindly geddifok. 

6. The Ones Who Don’t Know The Lyrics 

They’ll be in a corner passionately singing the lyrics to your favourite song but if you look closely, you’ll see that they’re just chopping their mouths singing a version of the song even the artist has never heard before. 

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7. The “I Was Dragged Here” Concert Goer 

They probably got dragged there by their friends or have been forced to chaperone their siblings. Either way, they will spend their time side-eying and judging everyone that’s having a good time, just because they think they have better taste in music. Go and sell your taste in the market and allow us to have nice things. 

8. The Discount Documentary Filmmaker That Wants To Record The Entire Concert 

The most common on the list thanks to everyone constantly clinging to their phone. While it’s okay to record a couple of clips for the gram, these ones with their 512GB phones must record every single moment. It’s almost like they’ve been contracted by Netflix to make a documentary. 

9. The Overly Touchy Couple 

You know the couple with the girl in front and the guy behind her holding her waist? They’re practically inseparable and do all they can to remind us single people that we ain’t shit. Honestly, we can’t stand them either. Get a room! We came here to watch a musician, not two random people dry hump each other.

10. The Creepy Guy That Doesn’t Understand Consent

The absolute worst are the guys who go to concerts and harass women who just came to have a good time.  They feel like it’s their right to dance with anyone they want to because “we are all having fun”.  Don’t be a part of this group of people. You will get your ass kicked and thrown out of the concert. 


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