When you hear the name Kanayo O Kanayo, what comes to mind?

The truth is that looks can be deceptive. Not everyone has an outward appearance that reveals their Kanayo O Kanayo like behaviour. On the outside, they look like regular people but by their actions, you will know what they are capable of.

If you do more than four things on this list, we have something to tell you.

1) You suspiciously enjoy eating cold Indomie.

Only people who belong to secret cults exhibit this behaviour.

2) You put cereal first before adding milk.

Milk first. Always.

3) For God so loved the world, why don’t you like Amala?

See beauty.

4) You support the policies of the orange-haired man.

If I speak, I am in big trouble.

5) If you enjoyed Nysc camp, you are on this table too.

Sorry, we don’t make the rules.

6) You use malaria drugs without squeezing your face.


7) All of you that have your bath with cold water are also on this table.

Don’t you enjoy good things; like a warm bath?

8) Police, add the people that enjoy ironing to this list.

Especially ironing women’s clothes that have stones on them.

9) If you are one of those people that miss writing exams at the university, you are here too.

Affliction will not rise a second time.

10) Last but not the least, if you are in the “talking stage” with multiple people.

Repent and stop selling dreams.



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