Big or small, wins are wins. We want to remind you that no matter what happened this year, if you did any of the things on this list, you deserve a lot more credit than you’re giving yourself for 2021.

1. You tried something new

It’s never easy to start, so if you stepped out of your comfort zone this year, you’re a badass. Cheers to leaving more room to explore in 2022.

2. You said ‘No’ more

Boundaries are difficult to set as we get older. So if you said more no’s for your peace of mind this year, you’re the real MVP.

3. You took care of your family

With the price of sardine, If you were able to send any amount of money back home this year, you need to applaud yourself. There’s nothing easy about the sacrifice you made.

4. You took care of yourself

Problem no dey finish and It’s easy to get lost in a cycle of what other people need. So if you spent this year learning to love yourself and focusing on you, that’s an achievement you need to note.

5. You made it through

If you made it through this economy in one piece, you are the GOAT

6. You coped with grief

You got up every morning despite the pain, and that’s all that matters. No matter what your process looked like, you still made it here today.

7. You stuck to a new routine

You had a goal, and you stuck to it. The results may seem slow, but don’t sweat it, something hooge is coming.

8. You showed up for your guys

It’s never easy showing up or listening to people complain about their life when you have your own shit going on. So thank you for choosing to be present this year.

9. Started over

Don’t beat yourself down, you packed a punch this year! Even if it felt difficult sometimes, it was your strength that put it back together again and again.

10. You became an owner

Whether it’s a new car, renting a house or just being able to buy new clothes for yourself this year, you spent that money. Na you be boss!

Cheers to more wins next year!

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