We get it, jeans are functional and sometimes cute. But one thing they aren’t is comfortable. The process of finding jeans that match your style and finding places to buy them is also too much work to put in for such a piece of clothing.  For something so uncomfortable, we don’t know why a lot of people still wear jeans so much when palazzo pants exist. 

1. They itch

You start to itch so much when you wear jeans for long periods of time. It’s much worse when the jeans are skinny.


2. They tear for no reason 

It’s always your favourite pair of jeans that wear out and tear in the weirdest places. You can’t even be a hot boy or girl with thick thighs without your jeans falling apart. Like, you’re supposed to be a strong piece of clothing bro. Why are you tearing? .

3. You have to jump to put your jeans on 

There’s really no joy in having to jump to put your jeans on. Once your bumbum is big, you’ll have to jump every time you want to wear jeans. If we want to work out, we’d go to the gym. 

4. You can’t have more than one favourite pair of jeans

Who even made this rule? It’s just what it is. If you look in your wardrobe, you’ll find a pair of jeans you’ve worn so many times people can identify you by it. Please, my dear, let that pair of jeans be. 

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5. Not a lot of brands make durable pairs of jeans

Finding a good pair of jeans to buy is normally not easy, but finding a durable pair is a lot more work. The jeans are either fading after the first wash or the fabric stretches too easily.  

6. Hip to waist ratio is going to stress you out 

Babes with big bums and small waists understand this struggle so much. They’re either adjusting the waist of their jeans or completely giving up on wearing jeans. 

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7. If you’re tall, most of your jeans will jump

It’s like tall people aren’t put into consideration when jeans are being designed. They always have no choice but to become “cool kids” walking around in their jumping jeans. 

8. Durable jeans are very expensive

You have to spend a lot of money to buy jeans that’ll stand the test of time. Yeah, it’s a good investment, but who has that money for something that’s expensive and uncomfortable at the same time. 

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9. You’ll have bad dreams if you mistakenly sleep off in jeans 

This is based on personal experience sha. You can try sleeping in jeans and tell us how that goes for you. We won’t recommend it though, even for experimental purposes. 

10. Jeans are extremely uncomfortable for long-distance travel 

Do not travel long distances in jeans, you will regret your actions. Even if the trip doesn’t stress you, being squeezed in jeans will. Don’t do it. 

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